Wednesday, January 25, 2006


From AnnieDee:

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My one-page goal summary
This is the page that I have in my organizer. I can’t say that these are my top goals, but maybe a combination of what’s most important, what I need reminders for, and what I want to focus on this year. For example, I have a lot of goals for what I want to accomplish at work, but I’m on top of most of them. Getting my butt in the office at an acceptable hour, however, is something that I have difficulty doing, hence the reminder here. I thought about sharing just the personal growth goals, but I’m feeling open at the moment, so here is my exact page.
Personal Growth•

Greet each day with an outstanding attitude.
• Define myself in a way that does not depend upon what others think
.• Improve listening skills. Don’t interrupt.
• Talk to strangers

• Reduce stress
• Cook more & eat well
• Walk• Stretch
• Wash my face every night
• Use sunscreen regularly
Home & environment

• Fix up house – organize, repair, etc.

• Track finances. Keep up-to-date.
• Actively manage investments
Enjoy life

• Take time for fun

• Get to work on time
• Learn sign language


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