Thursday, November 10, 2005

Change your life by Idealweight

Life Changing Weight Loss

One year ago I was over weight, on anti-depressants and my life was a mess. One year on I am a different person. I have lost 26kgs (57lbs) WITHOUT DIETING. I taught myself to reprogramme my mind from believing I was fat to believing that I am thin. It worked. I am free of anti-depressants and I really love myself just for being me. I eat whatever I want whenever I want and stay thin. I am now teaching others how to do become their Ideal Weight and my wish is to change the life of millions of people for the better.

It would have been much easier if I just woke up one day a changed person but it did not happen like that for me… Here is the short version…. I was at the worst point of my life in July last year. My husband told me he had been unfaithful to me many many times. We were together 6 years and married only 7 months. Our beautiful son was only 8 months. I am Irish and my husband is Australian. I moved to Australia to be with him and did not have any family to turn to. Heartbroken does not describe how hurt, rejected and suicidal I felt. I really wanted to die but could not even bring myself to do that. I had chronic and severe depression for 10 years up to this but never as bad as I did then. I kicked my husband out (several times) and hated the thought of being on my own so I kept taking him back even though I hated him. I started seeing a counsellor called Cheryl. She mentioned a book called ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay. A few weeks later I read it, and then I read it again, and again. It made so much sense. I learned that every thought that we think and every word we say creates our life (have you seen “What the bleep do we know” – and our reality. At first I got really angry that this woman was saying that I had created my totally disatrous life. Surely it was someone else’s fault. I realised that I had to take responsibilty for my life before I could start to change. I had created my life from the beliefs I learned from my parents. It is nobody’s fault. I created a relationship with my husband exactly like my parent’s relationship because to me it was normal, it was all I knew. If I saw couples being loving and romantic I thought that they were ‘weird’ because I had never experienced it as a child. I experienced an addictive co-dependent family and that is what I sought out without even realising it. I grew up surrounded by guilt and criticism and I was always guilty about something and always criticised others and myself because to me it was normal. I thought ‘that is the way life is’. As I learned more I decided to change the way I thought about my weight. It was one of the major things in my life that I wanted to change. I almost did it to prove that everything in the book was bullshit (excuse language). I was going to show this Louise Hay woman how wrong she was…. I started by writing down all the things that I believed about my weight eg. I am fat/ugly/unlovable/disgusting, I hate myself etc. My list was about 2 pages long. I decided I wanted to be 9 stone even though I had dieted almost constanly for over 10 years and only ever got to just under 11 stone. I then changed every single belief around so I hate myself became I love myslef. I am fat became I am thin. I recorded all of these ‘new’ beliefs (called affirmations)including “I am 9 stone” on a cd and listened to it all day; in the car, at home and in my sleep. Nothing happened for about a month except I felt really angry and silly for ‘falling for this womans teachings’. I was just about to give up when I started to loose weight. I kept listeneing to the cd and I kept loosing more and more even though I was eating more than ever. I got to 9 stone within about 3 or 4 months and then I changed my weight to 8 stone 10 lbs. Nobody was more flaberghasted than I was. Customers at work did not recognise me. Friends that I had not seen for ages thought I was ‘hot’. ‘Hot’... me???? After the weight disappeared I thought that I can sit at home and not tell anyone about this or I can start to teach others how easy this weight loss stuff is, even though I was petrified. What motivated me was if I could help just one person improve their life, I have accomplished something with my life. I have taught some of my friends and they have lost lots of weight. I started teaching classes in February and startd iDeal Weight seminars in Sydney. My first seminar was 3 weeks ago and I had 6 people who are learning really quickly and changing right before my eyes (I almost have tears of joy in my eyes as I am writing this). I am so lucky that I can spend my life doing this. It is such an amazing gift to share with people. Thank you for the opportunity to share it with you…
I think me trying to prove it didn’t work was the resistance in my mind. Us humans have the most amazing ability to pull the wool over our eyes. By trying to prove that it did not work was the only way my subconscious mund would let me attempt it in the first place. By attempting to loose weight in this way I was challenging my whole belief system. I also had a very strong belief that I was always right and if I was right how could ‘this woman’ be right. The anger I felt was also resisance. On the cd I also put on ‘I am willing to change’ and I heard this hundreds of times a day, which allowed me to change and to see things from a different perpective. I wrote the size I wanted to be on all of the tags on my clothes and I cut out a photograph from magazine a of a beautiful body and stuck it on my mirror. I looked at it every day and said ‘that is my new beauiful body’. I told myself in the mirror ‘I love myself’ over and over daily. I went from hating myself to absolutely loving myself, which before I thought was a bad thing but it is the most amazing thing in the world. I am teaching people to love themselves. If we truely love ourselves we can truely love and accept others for who they are so I am making the world a better place, which is the reason that I am here. I feel like the luckiest person in the world.
I have recently started to change my beliefs about money. My parents were in debt and I have been in a lot of debt. It is just my old beliefs. I have written out my money beliefs and changed them into positive affirmations which I have put on a cd. A new belief is that I am a money magnet. This time I am doing it fully knowing that it works. I will keep you posted on the changes in my prosperity consciousness and the more amazing changes in my life. If you would like to change your prosperity beliefs just let me know… maybe we can do this one together?


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