Monday, October 03, 2005

Gandhi Jayanti,children's Torture and our MP's

At Green Park Stadium in Kanpur,over 10,000 students were assembled from 730 hrs to celebrate Gandhi Jayantion 2nd October.These children had been instructed to reach their respective schools at 0600 hrs.At 900 hrs, children did their final rehearsal and were made to sit to wait for the Chief guest and Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh,MP Jaya Prada.These `guests' were late by over four hours.Meanwhile due to heat and stress,about 100 children,mostly girls fainted on the spot.
Drinking water was not available as there were only a few water tankers and there was a long queue due to sweltering heat.There was no breakfast though children had started very early from their homes without any food.The programme was jointly organized by the district administration,Education department and an NGO Yuvak Biradari from Mumbai.There was hardly any programme to make children aware of Gandhi's ideas.The children started fainting from 1030 onwrds.In the absence of ambulances at the site ,parents were seen rushing theic unconscious children to local UHM hospital in their private vehicles.
Amar Singh and Jaya prada arrived at 1150 hrs and inspite of 100 children in fainted condition,the programme started as if nothing had happened and conluded at 1245hrs.The programme had been named Sur Taal.As a belated damage control exercise,Amar Singh later issued a statement from New delhi apologizing for the incident,
I feel outraged.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed this is a disgusting incident. What a respect shown to Mahatma Gandhi, who always hate for such pompous public shows displaying 'nationalism'. It's a reflection on our totally indifferent and insensitive political leaders and government machinery, which goes out of the way to appease those publicity hungry leaders. This always happens during political rallies & meetings; as the rented crowd is mainly an adult gathering, so such incidences rarely occure. I hope, government servants will learn some lesson out of this incident so as to make atleast minimum reguired arrangements for such functions.

12:03 AM  
Blogger soumya said...

well said...

2:24 AM  
Blogger anandsharma said...

The problem is that nothing appears to be done by the concerned to prevent repetition of such disgraceful incidents.

7:44 PM  

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