Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Fight

In Uttar Pradesh,the Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav is fighting publicly with the Governor.As a rsult, a confusion has prevailed in the administration.It so happened that Governor of Uttar Pradesh T S Rajeshwer got complaints against a few Vice Cancellors of universities.Governor,who is also Chancellor of these universities directed two IAS officers working in the state government to do the inquiries.The officers complied with the orders of the Governor and submitted the inquiry reports to him.Governor dismissed some of the Vice Chancellors.The Chief Minister asked for the explanation of the officers as to WHY THEY OBEYED THE ORDERS OF GOVERNOR WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE CHIEF MINISTER.Not only that ,one of the officers was shifted to an insignificant post.The marching order of the other officer are expected any day.
Is President of India watching and will he do something to control this sorry state of affairs?Will the Prime Minister of India do something?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its very unfortunate and a matter of grave concern that bureacrates enjoying good and clean reputation are being pulled into this ongoing feud between the CM and Governor. Its rammifications are very wide and many legal and administrative issues are involved in it. We hope, things would be sorted out soon otherwise this can have political repurcussions too in coming days.

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