Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Shock of The Mitrokhin ArchivesPart Two

Two chapters of Mitrokin Archives Part2 are devoted to India.According to authors,by 1960s,the KGB had become the main conduit of both the money and secret communications from Moscow to the CPI. By 1970s,``it seemed like the entire country was for sale; the KGB—and the CIA—had deeply penetrated the Indian government. After a while neither side entrusted sensitive information to the Indians, realizing their enemy would know all about it the next day." The situation was no better on the side of the CPI.The CPI had no cause for complaint: "By 1972, the import-export business founded by the CPI a decade earlier to trade with the Soviet Union had contributed more than 10 million rupees to Party funds."
According to KGB files, there were "ten Indian newspapers on its payroll" by 1972.
The Mitrokhin archives2 highlight the way our `friendly'agency the KGB was playing its part in India in those years when we were all the time busy in blaming the CIA.
How naive of us!As an Indian ,I am shocked.


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Blogger CHANGING TIMES said...

Indeed this is revelation to all of us, who really dont know the role and extent of "foreign hand" (there is a syndrom of blaming this invisible entity for anything going wrong by our politicians) in managing the affairs of India polity. But it's not so surprising seeing the corruption and other nefarious activities prevalent in our political setup. One wonder what would be the logical end of this allegation. Atleast some mirch masala for opposition and media !

11:16 PM  

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