Monday, September 19, 2005

Cynicism and hope

It is important to realize that we have a unique mission to fulfill in this world. However our lack of understanding, our ignorance and our bitter experiences sometimes make us cynics. When we turn cynics we begin to lose our mission .In order to fulfill our mission ,it is important that we get out of cynicism by conscious efforts.
A cynic shows a disposition to disbelieve in the sincerity and goodness of human nature. We become cynic when we are constantly disillusioned again and again by the people, when we begin to realize that despite their benevolent façade, most people are crassly self - serving and rarely concerned about what is right. We also discover that most people tend to be hypocritical and corrupt.
We also become cynic when we see the appalling poverty in the world and more than 30,000 children dying daily due to causes which are utterly preventable. When we see or experience discrimination on the basis of gender or race, when we suffer personally and know that those who pretend that such suffering does not exist are lying to themselves or turning a blind eye that such suffering will not befall them.
Many events in our life also strengthen our sense of cynicisme humans’ willingness to inflict pain and their ability to find pleasure in inflicting pain-whether in the realm of the global or the intimate, some part in us wants to die and does die .As cynics we think that we see the world all too clearly, but do nothing against injustice except to see through the perpetrators of injustice. We have lost all hope. We do not trust any body and nobody trusts us. As a result we cannot build or lead any organization or even attempt to change the situation. The last thirty years of life in India has seen a great rise in cynicism on the part of the Indian public. The cynicism has been directed both at government and at business. These institutions have lost the faith of many Indians in their ability to do right by them .Ignorance, cynicism and apathy are persistent threats to our democratic system of government. Cynicism is particularly prevalent in poor people and weaker sections of society. Frustration in these sections has led to the need for grass-roots organizations on the issue of justice and inequalities. Their mission should be to combat apathy and cynicism by renewing their interest and participation in political process We should constantly reflect on how to overcome the cynicism that constantly besets our own lives; how to make a difference for those who struggle ;how to deepen the faith we can easily share with them ;the faith that spirit matters To believe that even one person can make a difference.
We need clearer insight and perspective about our own selves and the institutions that shape our world. We realize that
*True good causes ripples that expand through eternity, and is not wasted.
*People and animals that were helped by us remember those kindnesses, and are thankful.
*There are others who care, others who also dare to see the darkness.
*All of us face struggle but it is not a pointless struggle.*Most of the channels that the dominant culture offers us to make the world a better place are themselves embedded in the same authority structures .Therefore often the solutions are part of the problem .Such solutions never work and lead us to disillusionment and cynicism .The solutions have to be more radical.
*Problems are never wholly individual and can not be solved in individual ways .Part of the solution is always to be found in the bigger struggle in which all have a part. This leads to further action along with others who have understood the reality in the same manner .In a way cynicism offers us an opportunity to connect with such like minded people who are worth working with and living for . Sharing collective discussion and collective action enables us to shore up each other’s sense of hope still further. As we struggle along the contours of our mission begin to become clearer. We may not always be clear about the choices and decisions we should make .But struggling to achieve our mission is a source of joy .This joy along with hope becomes a driver for further struggle and we traverse our journey to realize our mission with more confidence, contribution ,maturity and creativity ,regardless of the outcome.


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