Friday, September 09, 2005

Bill Clinton visits Lucknow

I like this post by Amardeep Singh:
Bill Clinton Goes To Lucknow Only
(A little gossip post.)You thought Bill Clinton was doing his Hurricane relief thing? Well, he is,except yesterday he popped up at a "Global Industrial Meet" event organized by the state government of Uttar Pradesh, in north-central India. It's one of those 'spend tons of money so that someone will spend money on you' types of affairs. And while it's not a totally frivolous affair, it certainly isn't anything like charity. (Bill Clinton is clearly not trying to be Jimmy Carter.)How much did the Mulayam Singh Yadav government spend to get Clinton? I wonder

I have sent the following comment:
The common citizens of India at Lucknow continue to wonder what pompted Mr. Bill Clinton to come to Lucknow,for in the name of Global industrial meet, there was only a lavish party in the city of Nawabs and a musical performance by artists from Bombay.All this at a time when we have Katrina in New Orleans and Over five thousand deaths due to Japanese Encephalitis in eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh.A Global insult to the sensibilities ofpeople who can easily see behind such dramas.Thank you for writing on this subject.I have been an admirer of your blog posts


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