Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Author of The road less travelled passes away

M. Scott Peck,author of the best selling self-help book ,The road less travelled passed away on Sunday,September 26 at his home in Warren,Connect.He was 69.The cause was liver and pancreatic duct cancer.
The road less travelled was published in 1978 and `Further along the road less travelled 'was published in 1993.The third volume `The road less travelled and beyond' was published in 1997.These three volumes have been translated into more than 20 languages.The book was popular because Dr peck was able to blend the spiritual and the psycholgical very well. The road less travelled became New York times bestseller in mid 1983,five years after its publication.It remained on the list for 694 weeks ,which was about 13 years.The book says that the problems of life can be solved only through self-discipline.
M .Scott peck also wrote two other non-fiction bestsellers:People of the Lie ,and The Different Drum.These exlore respectively the nature of evil ,and nature of community.


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Undoubtedly, we have lost one of the finest author, who has very successfully popularised practical aspect of analytical pschology. Mr Scott Peck has been one of my most favourate author.

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