Sunday, August 28, 2005

My personal mission statement

I started writing about my personal mission statement on 18th April,2005 and i could give shape to the first draft on 27th August,2005.It took about 4months and 10days.I had wriitten about 43 pages about my Self and related matters to know exactly what my mission in life is.I firmly believe that all human beings are born with a mission in life but we have to discover it as we growup.We cant really choose our mission.To some people ,this may sound fatalistic but free will comes into play when we make efforts to realize this mission and not in choosing the mission.
Here is my mission statement:
I am born to read all the great books of this world,to discover the hidden and indepth meaning of life ,and explain that meaning to others through my writings and speeches.For this ,language will not be a barrier for me.Movies and arts will be helpful in achieving this goal.
I intend to be an intellectual and influence the political and cultural situation of this country (India)and the world.In the process,I want to set the stage for reforms in society and fight injustice in all its forms.For this purpose.I will concentrate my physical,mental,emotional ,moral and spiritual powers, making use of philosophy,yoga and psychology.In doing so,I will endeavour to take the help of as many people as possible and to inspire them to reach high ideals and shall relentlessly practise the values of integrity and truth,compassion and non-violence,conscience,courage,communication,competence,zest and trust.
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