Saturday, August 20, 2005

my comment on coutesies and sacrifices

I posted the following comment today on the above subject to a bloa Bhartie:
You seem to have written at two different planes.One is at the level of day to day interactions which Daniel Goleman describes as emotional intelligence.Little things count,little courtesies like saying thankyou or sorry matter and often bring some material success.The other plane touches the holy ground where maryrs and heroes made supreme sacrifices for certain ideals.They didnot do it out of any emotional intelligence.Such actions raised the whole countries and sometimes the entire humanity a few inches higher.I often wonder when writers like Ayn Rand say that all human actions arise out of selfishness.I think of Bhagat Singh and reflect.No,all actions cant be inspired by selfishness.Some actions are selfless.Whether they enable us to win,I hope so. .i am not sure. . .but maybe they dont.Thank you for writing earnestly on such a wonderful subject. Anand


Blogger soumya said...

sir, saying that all actions r selfish means that we all act towards our hapiness... some find their happines in making others happy whom we praise and shud and some act not worrying for others happines...we call later ones selfish...
Rand considers only final motive not taking care of where we find happiness... i think so...

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