Friday, August 19, 2005

Movie called Mangal Pandey

Today I am going with my daughter to see Mengal Pandey,the Rising.A demand from Mangal pandey's village in Ballia district of UP,India has been voiced to ban this movie on the ground that the movie doesnt mention the name of Ballia or native village of Pandey.This ,to my mind ,is utterly parochial.Others like Stardust have published a story about Amir's two years old illegitimate son .This again seems to have no relation with the movie.A third objection has been raised in Britain about the movie being anti-British as it has shown certain officials of East India Company in bad light.Again I dont believe it.
Any movie is an an artistic piece and should be judged on that touchstone alone.Other extraneous factors should not be allowed to come between the movie and its viewers.


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