Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mera Bharat

I often wonder whether Bharat,that is India, is really a great country today.In any case what makes a country great?Is it the average person on the street?Or is it some of those people whom we call great,who make a nation great?I hesitate to answer this question especially when i see poverty,pollution,garbage,corruption,laziness and weak consciences all around me.No amount of slogans like Mera Bharat Mahaan or Jis desh mein Ganga bahti hai, inspires me.Not that i always felt this way.As a child i often thought that when i grow up ,i will find some truth in these slogans or songs.But not any longer.
Many many years back ,i read a book by Kamla Markandaya.:Nectar in a sieve.I read it again recently.It quotes Coleridge in the beginning:Work without hope draws nectar in a sieve,and hope without an object cannot live.
What hope do we have to make this country great?


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