Monday, August 29, 2005

Make this world a better place

I like this entry from

make the world a better place
Our World — 11 weeks ago
Our World
It is our children’s inheritance
But we are wasting it today
An uncaring society
And no-where left for them to play…
Indifference breeds indifference
What once shocked is now ignored
Caring only about me, me, me
And intolerant of those abroad.
Open your eyes, open your heart
There are many things you can do
A simple smile can lighten a soul
And takes but a moment, too…
Think before you act, for every action or inaction
Is like a ripple in a pool
How will it affect others
Should you do it at all?
Stop, read this and think
How can you help someone today?
Gavin (Firefalcon) 10/6/2005


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