Sunday, August 21, 2005

Let us stop this corruption

On 18th August,TV channel Aaj Tak flashed a news story saying that Lucknow Development Authority allotted 28 plots to certain powerful politicians and their kins and some bureaucrats throwing all the norms and procedures to winds.I would not have bothered about it and treated this another case of ordinary corruption ,had I not noticed some extraordinary features.
Most of the applicants had chosen not to reveal the names of their father and in the column provided for it,they had written father or Pita.Some of the applicants got the allotment letter one day earlier than the date of their application for allotment.The landuse of the plots had been converted from institutional to residential to facilitate allotments.
What intrigued me was that in the press conference held by the Vice chairman of the Authority,Secretary to the Chief Minister was present.Both are IAS officers.
They justified it on the ground that similar out of the way allotments have been done earlier also.What was intiguing more was the release of a list in their press note containing the name of 47 officers and journalists whom plot had been allotted earlier in a similar manner.
What floored me completely was the press conference addressed by the Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav saying that it is an attempt to malign him because the newschannel focussed on showiong the photograph of the special secretary to the CM,an IAS officer Anita Singh.
One expects from a Chief Minister in a democracy to come with clean hands,so that a common citizen may retain her faith in democracy.Incidents and coduct of senior administrative and political functionaries in this and similar cases has lowered my faith in democracy.


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