Monday, August 22, 2005

Free markets and bleeding hearts

I have posted the following comment on the post regarding bleeding heartson the blog'Octane is in the air'
Talk to a landless farmer about Empowering him and he will look aghast at you.And what is empowerment in any case?Who is to empower whom?How do free markets and liberalization empower a poor, landless ,illiterate,scheduled caste man (worse if she is a woman)?Who are these We in your post who you say have to empower individuals to create a growing pie which will be cut by automatic mechanism called free market?They would be another class of bleeding hearts from whom we need to attain freedomCertain interventions are essential if we have a faith in the inviolable dignity of every humanbeing.I do agree that present politco-bureaucratic nexus in our country is incapable of any meaningful intervention in our lives.
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